10 info about investing in real estate within the USA as a non resident alien

10 info about investing in real estate within the USA as a non resident alien

Investing within the USA as a Non Resident Alien (NRA) entails many dangers and ability disorders that by no manner rating mentioned. IN this video I shared my have, private learnings, from having gone thru the scoot myself.


00:00 Definition of non resident alien (NRA)
01:10 Enlighten the suitable structure to salvage real estate within the USA
02:15 American citizens stare real estate otherwise
03:34 Preserving yourself from frivolous lawsuits within the USA
04:17 Politics matter when investing in real estate
05:33 Property taxes and Home Owners Associations (HOA) dues within the USA
07:25 College districts matter when investing in real estate
08:20 A data-driven market
09:20 Dealing with the title company when buying real estate within the USA
10:30 FIRTPA withholding when selling
11:Forty five Buy your bank account properly
13:25 A volatile market
13:40 Working with American citizens

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